Throughout our opening hours you are welcome to:

· Use the premises of the library
· Read newspapers, magazines and books
· Use public computers

You can also use scanner, copier and printer.
For copies and prints there will be a small charge.

Scanning is free of charge.


“Meråpent” is a service where you may access the library 07-23 every day, all year round.

You must be more than 15 years old, and your library card has to be upgraded to a key card, in order to take advantage of the service.

Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by parents or guardians if they want to use the library in the “meråpent” period.

You should feel safe and comfortable when you visit us without the attendance of our staff. The library is therefore video-monitored during the “meråpent” period.

House rules
All visitors must abide by the library’s regulations and general rules of good conduct. Initially, the staff will politely point out the requirements the library makes to the users. If such a recommendation is not complied with, he or she may be asked to leave.
People who are affected by drugs and people who use, buy or sell drugs will be asked to leave the premises.
People who act threateningly or who are otherwise in a disgrace to the rest of the public due to noise, smell, sleeping, etc., will be asked to leave the premises.

Exclusion from the library area does not mean permanent exclusion. There are measures in a “here and now” situation. Permanent exclusion will be a serious interference with the individual’s rights and will require treatment in accordance with general administrative law principles.

Wifi- wireless network

Connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop to wireless network:
In order to use this service you must have a mobile number registered in Norway.
· Choose wireless network called kkportal
· Password: karmoykommune
· Click on the link: “Har du ikke konto?”
· Fill in your first name, last name and mobile number
· You will now receive an SMS with your username and PIN. Log in to the guestnetwork kkportal with this.

If you have previously done so, you may log on with your username and pin code within 4 weeks. If four weeks have passed or you have forgotten your username and pin code, follow the recipe above once again.